Jennifer Connelly for Vanity Fair Italy by Sebastian Kim.

Sofi: When I saw you I had the feeling that I known you, like we’re connected from past lives.

Ian: I don’t believe in that.

Sofi: What do you believe in?

Ian: I’m a scientist, I believe in proof.

  • movies I can’t wait to watch: I origins (2014)
  • "I’d like to tell you a story about eyes that changed this world".

Скоро у мира не останется неполоманного ребра.

И душу вытащат.

И растопчут та́м ее только для того,

чтоб кто-то к рукам прибрал Месопотамию.

Why does a boot crush the Earth — fissured and rough?

What is above the battles’ sky

- Freedom? God? Money!

When will you stand to your full height,

you, giving them your life?

When will you hurl a question to their faces:

Why are we fighting?

Vasily Perov. Portrait of the Author Feodor Dostoyevsky, 1872.

Ivan Aivazovsky.

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